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Star Trek scariness

I must confess to being rather excited about J.J.Abrams's new Star Trek movie, because #1, I am a geek and #2 I *heart* Zachary Quinto (because I am a geek).

However, I find these publicity images for the new movie rather alarming!

(click for larger image with sparkly transporter effect)

WTF, stylists and photographer? Are Z.Q. and the new Captain Kirk really carved out of some sort of spamlike substance? And what is up with the excessive use of the fill flash? Were those noirish shadows in the original photo just entirely too homorerotic for you? It also cracks me up that their costumes are just as un-wrinkly and flawless as their perfect porcelain skin.

(is this a Zachary Quinto blow-up doll?)

Seriously, are men now being held up to the same impossible beauty ideals as women, with attendant airbrushing and botoxing and filling in of little wrinkles with cow collagen? (I found this New York Magazine article about the "New New Face" quite educational.)

And here's a scary article from Discover magazine about the emotional effect of Botox on it's victims users. The article authors seem to think it's super great that Botox numbs people's emotions, because who wants to be sad, anyway? I think the idea that the rich and powerful of the world are making themselves less able to empathize with other people's negative emotions is horrifying.


Don't you know that being sad is for losers?
:-) pg

June 2010

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